Anouk on Superia 800

So i bought these Fuji Superia Xtra 800 asa from ”Marktplaats”. Expired 12-2002 but kept cold the seller told me. I filled my F100 with a roll last sunday and fitted my 50mm 1.8d. Off to Vaassen with my daughter to visit my Dad. In the Cannenburg forest there should be dwarfs(more to come later 😉 ). Well today went to the Hema to get the devoloped film and scanned it with my Coolscan ls-40 and finetuned them with Photoshop. This shot of my daughter is taken at home in natural light coming through the window, shot @ 1.8. I am not at all disappointed with this film wich seems to be in okay state. I love B&W edits for portraits so you get them both.

Stuff concerning water…

In this blogpost you can see photo’s that have water in it in any kind of form. All with the D90, attached a 80-200, a 35 or 11-16mm lens. Our dog really enjoyed the streams for a quick drink or just fooling around!



Always fun to experiment, at least that’s my idea. Here some shots taken with my Leica Digilux1. Subject is my Olympus Pen E-P1. Converted and post processed using simple Photoshop level adjustments for white and black levels. Liking these is a matter of taste i guess….



Cows all over the place in Teuchl, seems they can wander around where they want. Except these, behind a nice strong fence. All shot with my 80-200 1:2.8d and D90.


10x Fuji Superia xtra 800 asa

Got my hands on these for a more than fair price. It’s expired 12-2002 but has been kept cold during these times(they promised me). One way to find out is loading up the camera! These shots are made with the EP-1 and post processed using cameraraw and Photoshop. All taken under a small halogen desklight.



Seems that the jpegs i use @1024 pix are not sharp, that is a bummer, i didnt check that. I use irfanview batch mode, will try or bordermaker of PS for resizing. Any suggestions for resizing without loss of quality?? Drop me a comment please!

edit1: It seems that wordpress degrades the pictures in the viewer, when opened in a new window or tab they are sharp….so guess wp is to blame. Gonna try and figure out if i can use an alternate viewer.\

edit2: I disabled the caroussel, changed thumbnailsize and made 2 rows, better now…..? Not Sure Yet.


Villach, Austria

During the rainy days we visited Villach on Sunday. We expected i nice old city but we weren’t that impressed. It was cloudy and rainy and the city was almost empty maybe that didn’t work good for our impression. I did take photo’s in Villach. here you can see how i saw Villach.


Heiligenblut, Austria

Back from Austria. The journey was perfect, weather just became better as we stayed there. First few days we had some rain. On monday we visited Heiligenblut. The promised view on the Grossglockner was blocked by some clouds as you can see on the picture with St. Vincents Church. The pictures above are taken at this church.

More of the trip will follow, this is the first small serie i post processed. These are shot with the EP-1.