Olympus OM-1+100mm Zuiko 1:2.8 on Fuji Superia 400 xtra

Well……My last analogue experience was bad, very bad. Yesterday scanned the last roll of film i filled. Used my Dad’s Olympus OM-1. The 100mm 1:2.8 should be a very nice piece of equipment. I made random shots over a longer period of time, so what i show here is random. What can i say, i am happy! The Superia 400 was expired for 1 year. As you can see no influence on quality yet. Next is testing the newly aquired 28mm 1:2.8 for the OM-1. Camera is ready, filled with Kodak Color Gold 200asa. Thinking about upgrading the 50mm 1.8 wich comes with the OM-1 to a 1.4 version. Not sure if i want to invest the money over the 1.8 wich is not that bad at all.



On the beach, as seen in the sand…

On November the 13th we went to Beverwijk. The Nikon Service Point is situated there for all your Nikon camera repairs. I had a hot pixel on the D90’s cmos sensor wich i wanted to be fixed. The drive up there took 4 times as long as the repair itself. Service was very good. All fixed.

We took the dog with us because we wanted to go beachside when repair was done. So we did and went to Wijk aan Zee and Velsen Noord. I mounted the 80-200mm on my D90 and took some photographs. On my Flickr you will find some more, here i’ll post some of things in the sand. The view across to Tata Steel was impressive by the way and a need to go back one day.


Disappointed days….

Well…normally you would see pictures here…not today. I had 2 rolls of film to be developed @ Hema. Yep they both came back, but than the horror starts. The Kodak tmg 3200 asa simply has no results. Just vagues hardly catched images but just loads of noise or simply nothing on it. Guess it really was very expired or Hema screwed up bigtime. I don’t blame the F100.  So thrashcan. But than i feeded the ls-40 the Superia 800 asa negatives wich i filled with my Canon EOS 300 with 28-90 kitlens. And again not to happy. 75% is not exposed right and show inmense loads of noise. The few that are exposed right never reached the quality of the Superia 800 asa form the same bacth i filled using my F100 a month ago…..So bad analogues days…………



Demolishing. The old hospital is being demolished, the building i show here is the flat for the nurses in training. I didn’t have any time at all, was at work in a different place as normal close by. So took the E-P1 to work. Bad light, couldnt get close because of a big fence. On the first shot i used pt lens for perspective control. I hope i get the chance to bring the D90 with some lenses when it’s still up, but next 8 days is almost just work, work work….Except tomorrow, but have to go to a Nikon Service Point for pixel remapping for the D90. For now, cheers!


Fall in my dad’s garden on 11-11-2012

Took the Pen E-P1 into my dad’s garden, here are 4 shots. Processes using Cameraraw 7.1 and Photoshop. Hope you enjoy!



It has been a while since i posted at this blog. It was time again. Have been busy, but flickr kept on going. I mounted my Kiron 105mm 1:2.8 on the D90 and went into the garden, found this grass wich i aimed my macro ideas at. It was a cloudy day so shutters speeds barely reached fast times to freeze the movement, but it gave some nice shots in my opinion. All the photo’s are a little bit post processed in Capture NX 2. Moslty exposure compensation and a bit sliding with black and white point. And if needed USM.