Expired Ilford FP4 125 asa

I am thinking about only posting my analogue work here. Didn’t post here that much since i started a Facebook account. But maybe i can reanimate this blog.

This gallery is shot with my Nikon F100 usingĀ  my 50mm 1.4g AF-S. A great combination. I used expired(my best guess 2001) Ilford FP4 125 asa. It came out pretty good, what you see here are the scans as my coolscan digitized them. I only added the border. I have some more b&w film wich i want to fill. Currently Ilford HP5 400 is in my F100, so stay tuned. I will post some more films i filled last period since the Velvia 50 from my last post.

cheers, PZ.