MBI Beton, 2014 (warning large serie)

August 2014 we visited MBI Beton, a legit visit and one of our first urbex trips. This serie has been on my hard drive for a long time now. I decided to share the full serie on my blog. Flickr or Facebook don’t seem appropriate for this size serie.
This series is completely shot with my Nikon D90 + 35mm 1.8 DX. One of the last times i shot such a big serie with it. I also owned my Olympus E-M10 those days but shot with both camera’s and did an in camera black and white serie with the D90 35mm combo. All that is edited is some straightening on the ooc jpeg files and the border.
Why publish it? Well i have personally always liked this serie a lot, not really an explanation for it but today i needed to share it.
The D90 and 35mm are history, both sold to invest in new gear.. Also Urbex has become my main shooting style now. This blog was neglected for a long time so now time to use it again.
The serie is shown randomly.

Hotel Dullemond, Laag Soeren.

I have been at this ‘urbex/rural’ location before, Always wanted to go back. This evening it was darker as i hoped around the Hotel so had to do with iso 1600. The decision to make an B&W with toning came up in 3 seconds. So home again i loaded the files on my pc and started editing. Made a preset in Silver efex 2 wich i liked. I have shown a few of the serie on my Flickr account shortly after the visit, now decided to share all on my blog for you to see.

Lot’s of stories about ghost’s can be found on the internet, funny it is that we both felt like being watched shooting this series of photo’s, even the dog seemd spooked. You tell me how does that happen, because one reads about ghost’s and your mind plays with you, or………Anyways i do like my photo’s. Did manipulate some of them because the graffiti contained pure racistic and fascistic signs or remarks wich i really don’t agree with.

Used my Nikon D90 with 35mm 1.8dx.



20121208_18557_DSC8937-border 20121208_18588_DSC8968-border 20121208_18587_DSC8967-border 20121208_18563_DSC8943-border








Saturday 8th december. Didnt have much time to take out the camera into the snowy world. Thes photo’s are made when i walked the dog in my neighborhood. Used my D90 with the 35mm 1.8 dx attached. Capture NX 2 was used for conversion to black and white.




Stuff concerning water…

In this blogpost you can see photo’s that have water in it in any kind of form. All with the D90, attached a 80-200, a 35 or 11-16mm lens. Our dog really enjoyed the streams for a quick drink or just fooling around!


Villach, Austria

During the rainy days we visited Villach on Sunday. We expected i nice old city but we weren’t that impressed. It was cloudy and rainy and the city was almost empty maybe that didn’t work good for our impression. I did take photo’s in Villach. here you can see how i saw Villach.