ESA at A Human Adventure

Short time ago i posted a blog entry about ‘A Human Adventure’ That was about the world wide part of this exhibition: NASA.

But we dutchies had an extra part to this expo, about ‘ESA’ I guess other countries have some addition to, but with Andre Kuipers we have a big NASA celebrity. So here are the shots from that part of the expo. For my daughter this was better because there were interactive parts here wich she really likes, always at expo’s or musea. So a big bunch of shots here, hope it’s fun to watch if you ae interested in Space and spacetravel! For the dutch, go visit while you can!

All shot shere with the Olympus E-P1 + 14mm 1:2.5 Lumix ASPH. Shot with b&w preset at iso 1600.


The Bottle.

Found this bottle this morning. The rain finally stopped and our dog needed his walk. Heineken is far from my favourite beer, but hey for some photo’s who cares. Shot with the E-P1 and 14mm 2.5. Used my in camera preset so what you see is OOF camera jpeg, just added the border. Taking the E-P1 along when going out of the house is starting to becom a habit, with the pancake easy.

Currently i am inspired by the use of the E-P1 and the 14mm 2.5, i share photo’s of stuff i see walking around. Almost all made with the b&w preset and OOC jpeg’s. On Flickr and FB i tag this ”As seen around me”. I think i will post on this blog with this theme in series, dunno how it will work out but seems on fb and flickr people like some of the shared shots. I think a blog is good for sharing series better than fb and flickr. So hang on and visit me more often(hahah, ah well).

‘As Seen around me’



Demolishing. The old hospital is being demolished, the building i show here is the flat for the nurses in training. I didn’t have any time at all, was at work in a different place as normal close by. So took the E-P1 to work. Bad light, couldnt get close because of a big fence. On the first shot i used pt lens for perspective control. I hope i get the chance to bring the D90 with some lenses when it’s still up, but next 8 days is almost just work, work work….Except tomorrow, but have to go to a Nikon Service Point for pixel remapping for the D90. For now, cheers!


Fall in my dad’s garden on 11-11-2012

Took the Pen E-P1 into my dad’s garden, here are 4 shots. Processes using Cameraraw 7.1 and Photoshop. Hope you enjoy!



Always fun to experiment, at least that’s my idea. Here some shots taken with my Leica Digilux1. Subject is my Olympus Pen E-P1. Converted and post processed using simple Photoshop level adjustments for white and black levels. Liking these is a matter of taste i guess….