Berlin through a Pen-F

We did Berlin again, 21-10 we started our 10 day trip which ended in the nice city of Zeitz. We started at Beelitz Heilstatten and did some more urban exploring. But that is not for this blog post.  Just before we left i bought a new camera, said to be a real street shooters cam. An Olympus Pen-F with a free 25mm 1.8. So be it, i used it a lot during this holiday. A real joy!

All the above shots are taken with the 25mm on the Pen-F. What a combination it is! All photo’s edited with Capture one Pro 10 which i think does a great job on the Olympus raw files.


4 responses to “Berlin through a Pen-F

    • Well, i have had a e-p1(still do), e-m10, e-m10mk2(still do) and now the Pen-F. The F is the nr1 for me. Put the grip on it for that extra body. Only with bigger lenses like the 60 2.8 or the 75-300 i rather use the e-m10 mk2, feels better. But with the primes it is pure love! Besides, post processing in capture one is way better for the orf files than adobe, you should try it for fun the 30 day trial.
      I wonder what to improve on the Pen-F, but Olympus always manages a better product. Well almost the e-m10mk3 is a lesser camera than the mark 2 it seems.

      • that’s very interesting. i’ll give capture one a shot then! and i think you are right regarding the e-m10 mk3, i tried it on the photography playground in october and i found nothing special about it.
        i like the pen form factor so much more than the em-series but i’ve reached a point where i cannot really work without a viewfinder anymore… and then the e-p5 gets a little bit bulky (and ugly :))

  1. Yeah, the viewfinder in the Pen-f is good! And indeed the F looks amazing, even with that extra grip 🙂 Capture one handles the iso noise better than adobe. Its more film like, more fine like porta film. In adobe the noise gets bulky, hope you understand what i mean. Also C1 is amazing at the colors! Lemme know if you tried it and what you think! 🙂

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