Berlin. Day 3.

On Day 3 we had plans to visit another closed swimming pool. Wernerbad.

It was a nice trip getting there taking us to a part of Berlin we haven’t seen yet, Kaulsdorf. The weather was quite nice and the Wernerbad turned out to be great. Crawling through a fence going through some bushes and there we were. Hope you enjoy these photo’s. One real Urbex location to go and some other stuff we’ve seen in upcoming blog posts. Ow we did visit the Hippo, just no picture here of it. Getting to it was quite an adventure though, through the high reed.


Berlin. Day two, stop two.

After the Freibad Lichtenberg we decided to use the public transport and find a well known urbex location. According to a known source ‘abandoned Berlin’ the front gate should be open. After some time in public transport we arrived in the part of Berlin where this urbex location is situated. But….front gate, well all gates closed. So we walk around and eventually saw people inside the complex. So we walked back to the street side and asked our self how did people get in. Than some young people waved through the fence and walked on and disappeared from the street. A quick look around the corner and we saw that the were on the location’s ground. So i asked them how they did it. The answer was as simple as it could be. Hop over the fence. So we did which was funny because it was right along a busy street and cars were waiting for the traffic lights. But no one seems to care. The location itself was amazing.

Säuglings-Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee also known as: Zombie Hospital.

We had a great time there and met 2 photographers from, if i understood them correct from Argentina. This location is still up, lots to be found on the internet but although it wasn’t exciting as in nobody comes here or it’s a secret it was very, very nice!

More to come!