Let’s introduce my self.

My father had a darkroom and every holiday he shot mostly positives, i always had in interest for it. Begin 2002 i bought a compact wich got lost in 2007 and i didn’t bother that much. Since 2009 i started photographing again, bought an Panasonic FZ28 which i replaced in September 2009 for a Nikon D90. The virus hit me and since then i have a growing collection of gear.

Not gonna sum it all up but Digital and Analogue side by side. Mostly Nikon gear. D90 and a F100 with more lenses at different burn points and zooms. Next to this i have a Olympus Pen E-P1 and an old Leica Digilux1. Analogue i borrow some gear from Olympus and Mamiya at the moment.
I have a love for Black and White, a love for playing with old gear, mostly m42 mount lenses which i use on my Nikons with an adapter and older ai(s) mount for Nikon lenses. I take photographs of almost everything! Still learning how to make compositions, learning my gear and post processing.
On my blog you can follow my adventures as i will describe what i am doing.


Update July 2016. Lots of changes for me, preferences of subjects and my used gear. Let’s sum it up.

What i love to photograph. I still love macro and nature but me and my girlfriend have became urban explorers. We love to find and visit lost places but also love the history to be found in old DDR in combination with lost places. Berlin is our favorite place to be, around and in Berlin so much history and much to be explored!

Gear wise, well the analogue stuff is almost all gone, the Nikon D90 and most other Nikon stuff is sold off also, why? Well i was the lucky one and won a Sony A7R with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 24-70 F4. After testing a few days decided to keep it. To be able to invest in this new gear i decided to sell my Analogue and Nikon gear, except a few lenses.

I invested big in the Sony. 55mm 1.8, 28mm 2.0, 16-35mm F4, SamYang 14mm 2.8 and some adapters for Nikon and Olympus. On the MF front i use my Kiron 105mm, a 50mm 2.0 ai Nikkor, a 105mm 2.5 ai-s Nikkor, an 28mm 3.5 OM Zuiko, 50mm 1.4 OM Zuiko and an 100mm 2.8 OM Zuiko. The A7R is a dream to use with manual focus glass hence all the nifty tools at your fingertips to support you. On the AF front there is something to be desired in darker surroundings. Also shuttershock with longer lenses and while bracketing is a minor with the A7R but when it performs i am still blown away by it’s IQ.

I also hopped on the Olympus wagon, i now own a E-M10 MKII with a few nice lenses. 14mm 2.5, 25mm 1.8, 45mm 1.8,  40-150mm 4-5.6 and 75-300mm 4.5-6.3. I really love my Olympus set. SO easy to work with and great IQ.

Also visit me at these places:



church II

Hope you enjoyed the visit!!


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    • Hi Rick.

      I use Nikon scan 4.03 with 64 bits drivers, i scan default 12bit monochrome, no ice. I tell the software in menu items it’s black and white film, if i dont i get colorcast in my scans. I do some PP in photoshop to adjust exposure end levels.
      Is this usefull info?. If not don’t hesitate tot contact me again.

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