Saturday December the 18th my daughter and i visited ”Dickens Festijn” in Deventer. This is a yearly returning event and a lot of spectators from the Netherlands but also surrounding countries like Belgium and Germany visit. Crowded, well yes. 150.000 people over the days you can visit. This meant we had to wait for an hour and a half before we could enter and photography was difficult, everybody wants the prime spot to watch!

Above a series converted to black and white. I used Adobe Camera raw for the processing of the two series. Two days before this event i acquired a Olympus M.Zuiko ED 60mm 2.8 Macro. I read in reviews this lens was also useful as a portrait lens so i only used this one. I immediately fell in love with this lens, wide open rendering and sharpness is on high level, a very good purchase to accompany my E-M10 MK2. Below a series processed in color.

You can view high resolution versions at my Flickr account:

Dickens Festijn Deventer 2016

Hope it was fun reading and watching!


KZ Sachsenhausen

KZ Sachsenhausen. An impressive place. On Saturday we visited the former bakery which made bread for this concentration camp (and some more locations). This bakery we did the urbex way. Our plan was to visit the airfield at ”Schönwalde” but because we already visited the airfield Rangersdorf we decided to go and visit the memorial at Sachsenhausen. Above is a series shot with my Fuji X20.

I can tell you a lot about this place but it might be better that if you are interested to use google or start of at this website: http://www.stiftung-bg.de/gums/en/

It was very difficult to take photographs without other visitors on it but somehow we managed to get shots with patience. On my Flickr account some of  these photos have been featured some time ago, i wanted to bring all of them together on my blog for those that missed them. Link to Flickr for higher resolution: https://www.flickr.com/photos/strangeartifact/albums/72157672152347554

Below is a series i shot with the Sony and my 16-35 F4 lens.

We couldn’t spent a whole day here, we had to drive back home after this visit. Glad we visited it.I think it is important that we all remember the horror’s that took place in these dark years of our history, so it will not find it’s way back into the minds of those deluded that want to make fascism rise again…


The Cure.

The Cure is touring this year. We decided to visit at least one of the concerts in Europe. In the end due to circumstances we both saw two of them. First we visited Berlin. Mercedes Benz Arena. This was the concert we would visit together. Berlin our favorite place to be would be great to see the concert. And it was, off course! We decided to book a hotel for 8 nights so we could do some urban exploration and see the city.

Amsterdam was next, i wasn’t supposed to see this one but circumstances made it possible. We booked a Hotel for one night and had a great time. Both concerts our friend from Portugal was there to and we met other friends form Germany and the Netherlands in both countries.

Music wise the concert in Amsterdam was the better one. More energy from the band, a more ”happy” Mr Smith. After all it was great to see both shows.

I wanted to photograph them but an interchangeable lens system was not allowed, at least i thought. In Berlin i would have been caught but in Amsterdam i could have walked in with a camera and telezoom lens in my pocket, they didn’t check. I brought a Fuji X20 which i bought for the occasion, nice camera and did the job knowing the long end would be to short. Above a mix of Pictures from both concerts. The different angle of view gives away which belong together.

Perhaps another blog post about the rest of the week will follow.


Lost Trains at Gare Hombourg.

During my summer holiday i was in ”De Voerstreek” Located in Belgium’s province ‘Limbourg’. Very nice place to be, great hills and nature. I was on holiday with my daughter. Lucky for me she likes visiting places a lot and also like to pick up mu old Olympus E-Pl1 . So we went on some photography visits. Among thesevisits we saw these abandoned trains.

It has been a long time since i really made a settings error on my A7R. By accident i edited the AWB settings to add full yellows red and oranges as it could on the automatic chosen white balance. It is too bad that getting this fixed is very uneasy, but we always can choose for Black and White. This fits the subject just fine so here we go.

All shot with the Sony A7R using my 28mm F2.0, my 55mm F1.8 and the 16-35mm F4. All images processed with CaptureOne Pro 9.2.1 to my likings.



Krampnitz. First stop on our 2 weeks exploring holiday in Germany end May beginning June 2016. We had high hopes for this location which we didn’t visit 3 times before we were in Berlin. Reasons enough, security, the making of Hunger games und so weiter. But this time we went for it, seems to have calmed down a bit and reports on security were not that big anymore.

So we went in, straight to the building with the eagle…but….. As you can see in the pictures, closed. So we went around the building looking for an entrance we couldn’t find. We decided to get a few shots of details located on the outside of the building and then move on to buildings we could enter. But…..

….a white caddy, a guy pointing at us to approach him and that was Krampnitz.

Above the 4 shots that i dare to show out of the 9 i took. There will not be another attempt.




December the second of 2015 i went to a congress about healthcare for work. The congress was in Toulouse. Getting there seems easy, but not when Toulouse is covered in a very big fog…..so we had to evade to another airport, Bordeaux. A bus was waiting for us there to drive us to Toulouse….what a night. At 4.00 in the morning we arrived at our hotel, tired and a bit moody. But we had a congress to attend at 9 🙂

The congress was good, but Toulouse was just as good, the weather was great and i was happy i brought my E-M10 and 14 and 25mm lenses. Above a selection of shots taken during the 2 days stay in Toulouse.