Lost Trains at Gare Hombourg.

During my summer holiday i was in ”De Voerstreek” Located in Belgium’s province ‘Limbourg’. Very nice place to be, great hills and nature. I was on holiday with my daughter. Lucky for me she likes visiting places a lot and also like to pick up mu old Olympus E-Pl1 . So we went on some photography visits. Among thesevisits we saw these abandoned trains.

It has been a long time since i really made a settings error on my A7R. By accident i edited the AWB settings to add full yellows red and oranges as it could on the automatic chosen white balance. It is too bad that getting this fixed is very uneasy, but we always can choose for Black and White. This fits the subject just fine so here we go.

All shot with the Sony A7R using my 28mm F2.0, my 55mm F1.8 and the 16-35mm F4. All images processed with CaptureOne Pro 9.2.1 to my likings.



Krampnitz. First stop on our 2 weeks exploring holiday in Germany end May beginning June 2016. We had high hopes for this location which we didn’t visit 3 times before we were in Berlin. Reasons enough, security, the making of Hunger games und so weiter. But this time we went for it, seems to have calmed down a bit and reports on security were not that big anymore.

So we went in, straight to the building with the eagle…but….. As you can see in the pictures, closed. So we went around the building looking for an entrance we couldn’t find. We decided to get a few shots of details located on the outside of the building and then move on to buildings we could enter. But…..

….a white caddy, a guy pointing at us to approach him and that was Krampnitz.

Above the 4 shots that i dare to show out of the 9 i took. There will not be another attempt.



Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

On 20-2-2015 we visited this nice park. It was a grey day and eventually we had to counter some rain. Still it was impressive and i want to visit it again with my tripod and more gear to do some more photography.

All info is here: Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Below a photo series of this visit, not as big as the MBI Beton series but still 50 shots.

Some tech info. All shots with my Sony A7R with the 24-70 f4 or using a metabones nikon f/g to FE adapter with a Nikkor 50mm AI F2 mounted.

Hope you enjoyed!

greets PZ

Berlin. Day 4.

Day 4 of our Berlin trip. This day we had a very long walk. We visited Treptov park, walked along Spreepark and saw the new fence that has been build since our visit in May, we passed the ”Eierhauschen” and kept walking. We crossed the Spree and walked back to Friedrichshain. It was an interesing walk, we saw an amazing lot of Berlin we didn’s see yet. Not all places we saw are in this post. Just a small collection of what is worth sharing. No Speepark or Eierhauschen. We did get sent away at one abandoned place. We walked past the big factory wich you can see on the other side of the river from Treptov park and walked along the Rummelsburgersee. Finally back in Friedrichshain we ate a very big meal and looked back on a great day.


Berlin. Day 3.

On Day 3 we had plans to visit another closed swimming pool. Wernerbad.

It was a nice trip getting there taking us to a part of Berlin we haven’t seen yet, Kaulsdorf. The weather was quite nice and the Wernerbad turned out to be great. Crawling through a fence going through some bushes and there we were. Hope you enjoy these photo’s. One real Urbex location to go and some other stuff we’ve seen in upcoming blog posts. Ow we did visit the Hippo, just no picture here of it. Getting to it was quite an adventure though, through the high reed.


Berlin. Day two, stop two.

After the Freibad Lichtenberg we decided to use the public transport and find a well known urbex location. According to a known source ‘abandoned Berlin’ the front gate should be open. After some time in public transport we arrived in the part of Berlin where this urbex location is situated. But….front gate, well all gates closed. So we walk around and eventually saw people inside the complex. So we walked back to the street side and asked our self how did people get in. Than some young people waved through the fence and walked on and disappeared from the street. A quick look around the corner and we saw that the were on the location’s ground. So i asked them how they did it. The answer was as simple as it could be. Hop over the fence. So we did which was funny because it was right along a busy street and cars were waiting for the traffic lights. But no one seems to care. The location itself was amazing.

Säuglings-Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee also known as: Zombie Hospital.

We had a great time there and met 2 photographers from, if i understood them correct from Argentina. This location is still up, lots to be found on the internet but although it wasn’t exciting as in nobody comes here or it’s a secret it was very, very nice!

More to come!


Berlin. Day two, stop 1.

After the small disappointment at Beelitz we had plans for this day. We wanted to visit Freibad Lichtenberg and after that we didn’t know yet, we had some plans but. Find out in the next blog post. But first Freibad Lichtenberg. If we had read better we wouldn’t have such a problem finding it. But after 1 hour we found it. It was a nice location next to an old stadium at the football club. The sun was behind the clouds as the photo’s show, but we had a great time there. Lot’s of history here concerning the Olympic games in the 30’s.

The pool was behind a fence so we couldn’t get very close. All shots here are with the Sony. I also used my E-M10 with telezoom here for close up shots but those files aren’t processed yet. We spent the morning here and waking back to the S-bahn we decided to visit another urbex location, not that close by but we went for it. This update will follow as soon as i have selected and processed the shot’s taken there.


Berlin, second stop. Beelitz Heilstätten.

After our short stop at Bad Oeynhausen it was back to the freeway and off to Beelitz Heilstätten, the larger part of the trip. We went to Beelitz Heilstätten last may and we were blown away by this great urbex location. That day we could only visit the more vandalized men’s part of the complex because the better female part had a tour going on. So back then we decided we would visit again next trip to Berlin. But….it was disappointing. Except some smaller houses all was locked down very tight, everywhere signs that we could visit a website and book a tour. We tried to make the best of it and eventually found an entrance to the cellar, we decided not to go for it because i had to slide down and we couldn’t know what it would bring us.

We did enter the places we could and did our thing. Below you can see the impression from this visit.


We spent like 4 hours there and continued our trip to Lichtenberg where we had our first Hotel. Trip was easy, hotel not that difficult to find with the S-bahn close by. Time to unpack and go for the city.

All shots in this post made with the Sony A7r and Zeiss 24-70 f4.


Berlin, first stop. Bad Oeynhausen.

We love Berlin, that is a fact. Few weeks ago we went for our third time in a 1 year time span. This time we wanted to find places for more urbexing or rural exploration. So at home we made some plans which in the end didn’t change much. This visit took us through 3 hotels and 6 nights. For the time of year we had great weather which of course was a gamble.

So what did we do, see and took photographs from? I’ll be posting galleries form the different places we visited. Updates will come, though slow because the post processing of my pictures takes some time.

On day one we made a stop at 7.30 in the morning in Bad Oeynhausen. There is a Motor Technica Museum which closed it’s doors years ago, you cannot walk in the museum itself but from behind the fence some nice views are possible as seen in this gallery.

New on this trip was the camera i used most. A few weeks before we left a Sony A7R became my first camera in use. The Olympus E-M10 with all the lenses tagged along in my bag. Most shots taken in the coming blog posts will be shot with the A7R with a Zeiss 24-70 f4 lens. It was fun to use but using a zoom after shooting primes only for a longer time was a new experience.

Well, updates will follow soon. The same day we also visited Beelitz Heilstatten, the location which made both our hearts beating to do more urbex.