I love to read magazines about photography. I read dutch mag’s like Focus, Digifoto, Shuttr….Now some german people started a magazine about Analogue photography, and only analogue!

Above you can see the first edition. 4-2012. Edition 1-2012 will be available from 11-12-2012. Get it here.



Demolishing. The old hospital is being demolished, the building i show here is the flat for the nurses in training. I didn’t have any time at all, was at work in a different place as normal close by. So took the E-P1 to work. Bad light, couldnt get close because of a big fence. On the first shot i used pt lens for perspective control. I hope i get the chance to bring the D90 with some lenses when it’s still up, but next 8 days is almost just work, work work….Except tomorrow, but have to go to a Nikon Service Point for pixel remapping for the D90. For now, cheers!


Fall in my dad’s garden on 11-11-2012

Took the Pen E-P1 into my dad’s garden, here are 4 shots. Processes using Cameraraw 7.1 and Photoshop. Hope you enjoy!