Disappointed days….

Well…normally you would see pictures here…not today. I had 2 rolls of film to be developed @ Hema. Yep they both came back, but than the horror starts. The Kodak tmg 3200 asa simply has no results. Just vagues hardly catched images but just loads of noise or simply nothing on it. Guess it really was very expired or Hema screwed up bigtime. I don’t blame the F100.  So thrashcan. But than i feeded the ls-40 the Superia 800 asa negatives wich i filled with my Canon EOS 300 with 28-90 kitlens. And again not to happy. 75% is not exposed right and show inmense loads of noise. The few that are exposed right never reached the quality of the Superia 800 asa form the same bacth i filled using my F100 a month ago…..So bad analogues days…………


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