KZ Sachsenhausen

KZ Sachsenhausen. An impressive place. On Saturday we visited the former bakery which made bread for this concentration camp (and some more locations). This bakery we did the urbex way. Our plan was to visit the airfield at ”Schönwalde” but because we already visited the airfield Rangersdorf we decided to go and visit the memorial at Sachsenhausen. Above is a series shot with my Fuji X20.

I can tell you a lot about this place but it might be better that if you are interested to use google or start of at this website:

It was very difficult to take photographs without other visitors on it but somehow we managed to get shots with patience. On my Flickr account some of  these photos have been featured some time ago, i wanted to bring all of them together on my blog for those that missed them. Link to Flickr for higher resolution:

Below is a series i shot with the Sony and my 16-35 F4 lens.

We couldn’t spent a whole day here, we had to drive back home after this visit. Glad we visited it.I think it is important that we all remember the horror’s that took place in these dark years of our history, so it will not find it’s way back into the minds of those deluded that want to make fascism rise again…


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