Berlin. Day two, stop 1.

After the small disappointment at Beelitz we had plans for this day. We wanted to visit Freibad Lichtenberg and after that we didn’t know yet, we had some plans but. Find out in the next blog post. But first Freibad Lichtenberg. If we had read better we wouldn’t have such a problem finding it. But after 1 hour we found it. It was a nice location next to an old stadium at the football club. The sun was behind the clouds as the photo’s show, but we had a great time there. Lot’s of history here concerning the Olympic games in the 30’s.

The pool was behind a fence so we couldn’t get very close. All shots here are with the Sony. I also used my E-M10 with telezoom here for close up shots but those files aren’t processed yet. We spent the morning here and waking back to the S-bahn we decided to visit another urbex location, not that close by but we went for it. This update will follow as soon as i have selected and processed the shot’s taken there.


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