Berlin, first stop. Bad Oeynhausen.

We love Berlin, that is a fact. Few weeks ago we went for our third time in a 1 year time span. This time we wanted to find places for more urbexing or rural exploration. So at home we made some plans which in the end didn’t change much. This visit took us through 3 hotels and 6 nights. For the time of year we had great weather which of course was a gamble.

So what did we do, see and took photographs from? I’ll be posting galleries form the different places we visited. Updates will come, though slow because the post processing of my pictures takes some time.

On day one we made a stop at 7.30 in the morning in Bad Oeynhausen. There is a Motor Technica Museum which closed it’s doors years ago, you cannot walk in the museum itself but from behind the fence some nice views are possible as seen in this gallery.

New on this trip was the camera i used most. A few weeks before we left a Sony A7R became my first camera in use. The Olympus E-M10 with all the lenses tagged along in my bag. Most shots taken in the coming blog posts will be shot with the A7R with a Zeiss 24-70 f4 lens. It was fun to use but using a zoom after shooting primes only for a longer time was a new experience.

Well, updates will follow soon. The same day we also visited Beelitz Heilstatten, the location which made both our hearts beating to do more urbex.



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