First post contains a random selection of one of my last rolls of film i filled. All are shot when i was out walking the dog. This is in my neighbourhood, Apeldoorn ‘Brummelhof’

All taken with the Nikon F100 with a Vivitar 70-150mm 1:3.8 2 ring version mounted. Used film is a 1 month over date Fuji Superia xtra 400 asa. Film is developed by HEMA and digitized using my Nikon Coolscan LS-40 using Nikon Scan 4.03 at defalut settings and ice. I used Photoshop to post process the scans.

Enjoy watching.



One response to “Neighbourhood

  1. Ziet er goed uit Peter! Ik denk dat deze blog je wel gaat bevallen, zeker om het showen van series! De fuji ziet er trouwens ookprima uit. Misschien moet ik ook maar weer eens voor verse film gaan!

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